Guide to Gluten-Free at St Stephen's Cathedral Market


If you’ve ever scoffed at the idea of finding gluten-free goodies at St Stephen’s Cathedral Markets, prepare to eat your words—literally! We’re here to clear the air and unveil a world of gluten-free goodies that will leave you craving seconds, and maybe even thirds. (No judgement here!)

Whether you’re diving into a new diet, managing coeliac disease, or just a tummy ache survivor, fear not! The St Stephen’s Cathedral Market on every Tuesday has got your back and your belly. With an abundance of gluten-free options that refuse to compromise on taste, consider this your personal invitation to indulge guilt-free.

So, get ready to explore St Stephen’s Cathedral Market’s gluten-free paradise. From mouthwatering baked treats to satisfying lunch options and those irresistible midday munchies. Who says gluten-free has to be boring? Not us, that’s for sure!

Pick a Pocket

Kicking off with a bang at Pick a Pocket, where gluten-free dreams come true! Their mouthwatering falafel dishes steal the spotlight, from their flavourful ‘Falafel Cups’ to their fresh and crunchy ‘Falafel Salads’. Each bite is a gluten-free sensation you simply can’t resist!


Nude Juice

Nude Juice is as fresh and tasty as it gets, boasting a menu completely free from gluten, sugar, and dairy. The ‘Summer Breeze’ an apple, passionfruit, and orange dream is an absolute standout and makes the perfect Instagram snap. Trust us, you won’t be able to get enough.


Samba Catering Co

Prepare your taste buds for a feast with Samba Catering Co’s mouthwatering char-grilled BBQ eats! We’re talking mouth-watering ‘Chicken and Spanish Chorizo Paella’, a gluten-free winner that’ll leave you craving more. If you’re yearning for that authentic smoky flavour, look no further than Samba Catering Co. Your BBQ dreams await!


Best of the Wurst

When it’s time to plan your next gluten-free feed, don’t overlook the ever-popular Best of the Wurst! While bread may take centre stage, fear not— all their bratwurst are made gluten-free. Plus, they offer the option to go bun-less, serving up your favourite bratwurst with chips and sauerkraut. It’s a guaranteed craving satisfier.


Iced Tea Co

Yet another great find is the remarkable Iced Tea Co, delightfully offering an entirely gluten-free menu! With an impressive selection of juice flavors, they’re your go-to for a refreshing treat on those scorching Brisbane days. Cool off with their specialty ‘Lemonade-Lime’ a timeless classic that’s sure to hit the spot.


Mameek on Charcoal

Take your Thai dining experience to the next level with Mameek on Charcoal’s delectable gluten-free options. Say goodbye to compromises and savour all your favourite Thai dishes in their full glory. Don’t miss out on their ‘Beef Scotch Fillet on Rice’ – you’ll thank us later!


Kikku Yakitori

At Kikku Yakitori, you’ll find everything you need (and more) for a gluten-free feast, thanks to their entirely gluten-free menu! They’re truly raising the standards for delicious gluten-free delights. Be sure to indulge in one of their mouthwatering ‘Beef Skewers’ – a beloved choice among market-goers.


G-Free Donuts

You’ve likely come across them before, and you are bound to keep hearing about them because G-Free Donuts are just that good! Say hello to donuts making a triumphant return to your diet, now with irresistible gluten-free options. Enjoy all the good stuff, minus the gluten-induced groans.


K.M. Foods

Say goodbye to gluten worries and hello to delicious baked goods at K.M. Foods! With their fully gluten-free menu and fantastic vegan choices, you’re in good hands. Treat yourself to one of their delicious ‘Jam Donuts’ or our personal favorite the ‘Biscoff Donut’. One bite and they’ll have you hooked!


Okinawa Taco Brothers

Hold onto your taste buds! Okinawa Taco Brothers are serving up the perfect lunchtime fiesta with their mouthwatering gluten-free options like the legendary ‘Taco Rice’. It’s a must-try dish that’ll have you wondering where it’s been all your life!


Whether you suffer from gluten intolerence or another pesky dietry requirement, don’t be afraid to chat to our friendly team or store vendors who will no doubt be able to help you out. There’s something at our markets for everyone!